Join our member owned Real Estate Investor LLC and Finance Belwood Projects

real estate investment group

BIG is an investment vehicle for investors who want to participate in ongoing Belwood projects. BIG acts as the lender for projects, financing home purchases and renovations. Just like a bank, BIG is paid interest, points, and fees for the loan.

real estate investment group

Investor Benefits

Belwood Real Estate Investment Group is unlike any other investment vehicle on the market. See what makes us the premier choice for investors that want a reliable ROI and the opportunity to pour into their communities.

real estate investment

Low Touch Passive Income

With Belwood’s Investment Fund, you decide how much capital you want to invest and let Belwood do the rest! We find profitable opportunities within our network of Real Estate investments that best suit your financial position and will continue building your wealth.

real estate investment

Support Your Communities

Unlike other real estate funds or investment vehicles, BIG lets you choose which communities to invest in. Our mission is to pour into the communities we love by rennovating the homes that are a part of rich history.

real estate investment

Buyer/Seller Market Agnostic

Belwood has developed an innovative solution for maintaining profitability in a tumultous real estate market. We flip homes in sellers market’s and hold them as rental properties in buyer’s markets, maximizing profits for our investors.

How Belwood Investment Group Works

BIG’s proven process for generating profits for our investors


real estate investment

Investments are pooled into a Belwood Investment Group (BIG)


real estate investment

Belwood identifies a property to purchase and rennovate


real estate investment

BIG provides Belwood a short term bridge loan to purchase the property and/or renovations


real estate investment

Loan is secured as a Deed of Trust on respective property


real estate investment

BIG is paid 10-25% interest on the loan


real estate investment

BIG receives Deed of Trust back along with interest, points, and fees when home is sold or held as a rental property

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