Achieve a higher than industry average return on your investment with the proven Belwood Method

If you’re someone who is new to investing in real estate, we are here to help! The Belwood Method is an entry-level approach to real estate investment, backed by the knowledge and experience of seasoned real estate professionals. It allows you to be involved in the exciting part of real estate investing decisions, like deciding on design directions, through our transparent and real-time Belwood app. Meanwhile, our experts are handling the high-stress and hassle of negotiating contracts and managing work crews.

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Belwood has a new property under contract. We price the home working backwards from the After Repair Value.

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You join the investor pool with up to 20% of the total project cost. You wire your investment directly to the Title company. Each investor is secured to each one of their investments by a 2nd Deed of Trust.

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We use private funds to finance the remaining amount of the total project cost.

Total Project Cost = the purchase price + carrying cost & rehab cost.

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Using our Fix-and-Flip method, we partner with Home Depot, PPG Paints, and Flooring Liquidators to renovate and relist the home.

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Once sold, you receive your initial investment + 50% of the net profits! The profits are secured by a Joint Venture Agreement at the time of the investment, ensuring that money is always handled by the Title Company, not Belwood.

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With the new Belwood Investor App, real estate investing has never been easier. Our proven Belwood method paired with cutting-edge technology of our app means you can stop dreaming and start doing! Investing in Real Estate doesn’t have to be complicated. Belwood’s Investor App is a tool that new and experienced investors can use to increase their passive income, all from their phone!

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