Build wealth with real estate at an
investment level you can afford.

Innovative real estate investment that empowers you to
build your real estate portfolio with investment amounts
that can afford your current level of wealth and financial position.

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Build Real Estate Investment Without The Financial Barriers

If you haven’t been able to participate in today’s real estate market due to the skyrocketing prices and amount of industry savvy needed, your solution is here.

Our streamlined real estate investment program allows investors of all experience levels and contribution levels to build their real estate portfolio.

We use our network of experienced advisors to identify profitable properties and our team of dedicated professions to drive down costs and increase liquidity in the market. For Belwood investors, this results in an average Return on Investment (ROI) of 25.9% in only 201 days.


real estate investment

New Investors

  1. Invest in a property renovation and flip and get an ROI in months
  2. Invest in our dynamic, high-performing fund for consistent ROI, regardless of real estate market conditions.
real estate investment

Experienced active and passive investors looking for more opportunities.

Invest in our agile, high performance fund that generates ROI regardless of real estate market conditions

Trusted by knowledgeable investors to deliver real results.

Belwood Real Estate Investments


Accessible real estate opportunities, where security and transparency are our priority.

Real Estate Investment

Belwood Investor App

Immediate access to fractional investment opportunities across the United States, with real-time insight into your properties.

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Belwood Agent App

Instant and accurate cash offers to present to your homeowners with our evaluation and construction cost calculators.

Real Estate InvestmentReal Estate Investment

Real Estate Investment

Invest using the Belwood Method Today

An entry-level approach to real estate investment, backed by the knowledge and experience of seasoned real estate professionals.

in 45 days

in 71 days

in 88 days

in 129 days


Resilient, Flexible Investment Options With
A Proven Track Record

real estate investment

Reliable ROI

Achieve an ROI on your investment in a relatively short time period

real estate investment

Market Resilience

Because Belwood sells and rents renovated properties, we are resilient to market shifts

real estate investment

Help Direct Design

Help decide on design directions we make to properties you’re invested in

real estate investment

Invest in Local

Put your capital to work in areas you care about and want to see thrive

real estate investment


Multiple investment options for every investor type

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100% Transparency

We’ll keep you up to speed on everything that’s happening


real estate investment

Belwood identifies a high-potential property and gets it under contract.

real estate investment

We price the home, working backwards from its After-Repair Value.

real estate investment

Our investor pool comes in with up to 20%-30% of the total project cost.

real estate investment

Investors’ funds are wired directly to the title company, where each investor is secured to each one of their investments by a Deed of Trust.

real estate investment

The remainder of the project is financed with Private funds, or Belwood’s own investment group.

real estate investment

The total project cost is calculated as the property purchase price, plus the carrying cost and renovation cost.

real estate investment

The property is renovated with help from our partners Home Depot, Behr Paints and local contractors.

real estate investment

Investors receive back their initial investment, plus 50% of the net profits on the project.

real estate investment

Once the property is sold, that 50% of the net profits is divided proportionally among the Belwood investors. Profits are secured by a Joint Venture Agreement at the time of investment.

real estate investment

Belwood has seen returns on investments upwards of 25% in as little as 201 days in some cases.

real estate investment

Our process puts the experts in place where it matters most, and leaves the exciting part of real estate investing decisions to you through our transparent and real-time Belwood app. It is a lower-risk, lower-stakes way to get your feet wet in real estate investing without the high-stress and hassle of negotiating contracts and managing work crews. Whether you’re looking for short-term or long-term real estate investment opportunities, Belwood has a project that is ideal for you.

Are you ready to stop dreaming and start doing? Contact us today to see why investing with Belwood is the opportunity you’ve been hoping for, but never knew existed.

We’ll be in touch soon to help answer any of your questions you have about becoming a Belwood investor.