Chris Pack

Chris Pack

Bo and his team have been truly amazing to work with! The whole process has been very simple and straight forward in which I appreciate. You really can tell there is pride in the company and they have passion for what they do! I for sure look forward to continuing working with Bo and his team at Belwood!


Amber & Matt Munoz

We have to say, we love Belwood Investments. The culture, what it stands for and the way they do business.  When my wife and I started thinking about investing we were very skeptical. As we began our journey into real estate investing we were invited to a Red Door Theory event. We were able to learn more about Belwood and the opportunities they offer. It wasn’t long before we realized that Bo’s experience, as well as his ability to understand the scope and economics of the deal paired with their whole team’s passion, was something we wanted to be a part of. Belwood understands that long-term relationships are what make you successful not quick commissions. My wife and I are now on our second investment with Belwood Investments and continue to be impressed by their honesty, integrity, and transparency. They have made this experience easy, stress-free and FUN.  We hope Belwood keeps growing for many years, continuing to bring together an entire community of investors, referral partners, and highly successful business ventures and we look forward to being a part of it!

Rob Guglielmo

My wife and I are both full time professionals, driven by a desire to secure financially stability and flexibility for our family while also providing the option for us to retire early with comfort.  We follow all the traditional strategies of growing our current income, savings, and retirement investments, however we have always had a desire to push the pace by getting into real estate.  We live a pretty full and chaotic lifestyle, so neither of us have made the time to do so and that's what has made Belwood so attractive to us.  We were able to invest and choose how involved we wanted to be, which in our case, wasn't at all.  In approximately 3 months time, all we did was sign some documents and exchanged a few text messages, then received a 30% net return on our investment, which is impressive.  From this experience, I would recommend Belwood to anyone who wants to have solid returns on their money without investing much time.

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